About us

We have developed a unique production method for white caviar, which allows us to avoid pasteurisation and guarantees that flavour and nutritional values are well preserved.

The offered caviar is obtained at our breeding farm only. The eggs are hand-picked, thoroughly cleaned and sorted and then matured in the highest quality brine. This process separates the flavour with a unique tint of rainy forest and wild mushrooms, intertwined with the scent and aroma of natural, green Warta River areas.

The snail caviar is available in jars or tins, closed or locked under vacuum at 4oC, which guarantees sanitary safety and allows us to retain the subtle caviar aroma.

Packaging: 50 grams, other sizes available on request

Best before date: 6 months

Ingredients: snail eggs, salt, water


Snail caviar is used not only in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics. Substances present in eggs improve skin firmness and accelerate skin regeneration. They show hydrating properties, effectively preventing water loss from the body. They also improve metabolism, soothe inflammatory conditions and provide a barrier for free radicals, delay epidermis keratinisation and have anti-allergic properties. Snail egg caviar is used in production of creams, masks and peelings, hair shampoos and conditioners.


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